Associated works

(IT, Electrical, Interior works, HVAC, Plumbing, STP, ETP, Fire-Fighting and Landscaping)

Pre-construction services

  • Master planning

  • Design phase – Concept, rough estimates, constructability reviews


  • Designing of the IT requirements of the client that include specific design of serverroom and data-cabling.


  • Site Plan Drawings, Scheduling of Electrical Panel, Diagrams, Control Circuit, Electrical Drawings, Transformer Yard Drawings, Structural Cabling Design

  • Obtaining approval from statutory bodies

Interior Works

  • Designing of false ceilings and furniture layout as per client’s needs


  • HVAC duct design and layout, load calculation, Piping sizing and layout, HVAC equipment selection and layout


  • Plumbing System Design, Drainage Design, Storm water Management, Designing Sewage Handling System, STP; Rain water harvesting

  • Obtaining approval from statutory bodies.


  • Designing of facilities for treatment of effluents as per the existing industrialnorms based on the information provided by the client


  • Designing of under-ground water tank; external piping as per requirements of the client


  • Designing of garden area as per client’s requirements

Services for the above

  • Scheduling

  • Evaluation and management

  • Field inspections and Quality management

  • Safety

  • Coordinating with the Architect, Contractor for execution of the work

  • Reviews of progress

  • Project cost controls