General contracting services are provided to the clients who rely on us becausewe are responsive, reliable, provide outstanding service and staff each projectwith a dedicated team that works in concert with owners, architects, sub-contractors,and engineers.

  • Tencil Structure provides a full range of general contracting services from the initial
    planning phase to project completion.

  • Our employees are highly skilled who use the proven management system and procedures
    to monitor project progress to meet the set goals.

  • Our general contracting services include:

    • Review of design, drawings and materials

    • Schedule development and control

    • Quality control

    • Environment, health and safety aspects

    • Field engineering and site management

    • Team management

    • Sub-contract management

    • Cost monitoring and control

    • Project accounting

We at Tencil have the wherewithal to take on projects from Design stage and build the requisite infrastructure. Our construction professionals add value to the design process through timely inputs on budgeting, cost control, supply chain, materials and constructability. During the execution phase, our team translates the design from paper to reality with full knowledge of end product, technical details and with every endeavor to achieve the vision flawlessly

More and more clients in the recent past have been looking beyond partial contracts for constructing the basic infrastructure. This has warranted setting up of inter-disciplinary teams to meet the requirements of complex requirements of turnkey projects. Some of the salient aspects include advice on real estate procurement/ lease options, development solutions, energy needs/ independence, tasking beyond the basic infrastructur etc.

The services are designed to improve and control the quality, cost and schedule of project. The advice is rendered from pre-construction, through execution and post-construction finalization. We have covered a large number of segments of the industry in the past decade and a half. Our team from design considerations to independent project teams allows seamless transition from one phase of the project to the next till completion.

Design and build with lean construction methodologies is the current requirement for success of projects in the construction sector. This is achieved through collaboration of all stakeholders. The integration between clients, consultants, designers, contractors and sub-contractors of respective tasks is a mandatory requirement for smooth progress of project within stipulated schedule and cost. Moreover, integration of various aspects of project reduces wastages, enhances efficiency and ensures a smooth flow. At Tencil we ensure this through regular interaction and weekly coordination meetings with the Director level representation.

Tencil believes in Green approach ensuring the well-being of our environment for times to come. We believe in conserving resources and believe that each drop in the ocean counts.